POST api/login

The first stage to authenticate with the web api and generate a secure token used to access the other protected web api methods


POST api/entityproperties

Post a list of Entity Meta Data items to be loaded into project associated with authenticated user


GET api/projects

Get a list of allowed projects for the authenticated user

GET api/projects/models?projectId={projectId}&baselineId={baselineId}

Get a list of models from a project for the authenticated user

GET api/projects/ignorelist?projectId={projectId}&baselineId={baselineId}

Get a list of ignored entites from a project for the authenticated user


GET api/asset/servers?projectId={projectId}&baselineId={baselineId}

Get a list of Server Object Inventory Data in Baseline

GET api/asset/storage?projectId={projectId}&baselineId={baselineId}

Get a List of Storage Object Inventory Data in Baseline, Datastores and VMFiles

GET api/asset/groupings?projectId={projectId}&baselineId={baselineId}

Get a list of Groupings in Baseline

GET api/asset/groupings/grouping?projectId={projectId}&groupingName={groupingName}&baselineId={baselineId}

Get a list of Grouping values for a grouping in Baseline

GET api/asset/groupings/entity?projectId={projectId}&entityId={entityId}&baselineId={baselineId}

Get a list of all Grouping values for a server in Baseline

GET api/asset/groupings/dynamic?projectId={projectId}&summaryDate={summaryDate}&groupingName={groupingName}&baselineId={baselineId}&entityId={entityId}&summaryLevelID={summaryLevelID}

Get a list of Grouping values for a grouping/server in Baseline

POST api/asset

Post a list of Asset Register items to be processed and loaded into project associated with authenticated user


GET api/baselineviews/project/{projectId}

Gets a list of baseline views related to a project.

GET api/baselineviews/{baselineViewId}

Gets a specific baseline view by id.


POST api/entitymetadata

Post a list of Entity Meta Data items to be loaded into project associated with authenticated user

GET api/metadataexport/{projectId}?onlyInclude={onlyInclude}

Get entity metadata for export to csv file


GET api/metrics?projectId={projectId}&baselineId={baselineId}

Returns an array of metrics for a given project and baseline combination.

POST api/metrics/summaries

Returns an array of metrics for a given project, baseline and entities combination.

POST api/metrics/summariesdaterange

Returns an array of metrics for a given project, baseline, entities and metric combination.


POST api/events/baselineview

Gets a list of events for a given baselineview id

POST api/events/eventfilter

Post request to set Metric and Entity pair Events filters

GET api/events/eventfilter?projectId={projectId}

Get a JSON string representation of the current Event filters you have set for a Project Id

DELETE api/events/eventfilter?projectId={projectId}

Delete Event Filters for a given Project ID


POST api/Upload?version={version}&taskname={taskname}&machinename={machinename}&selectedProjectId={selectedProjectId}&testOnly={testOnly}&log={log}

Allows a third party to upload data securely to Sumerian. You are required to send a sumerian token as an Authorization Header. e.g. Authorization: SUMERIAN CC62C5D11BDE2D11D50627837BCF7FA1E5795B7FA07CA8B583381EABCD490D70. You can retrieve a secure token by calling the Login controller. Please refer to documentation for further help. You also need to include an Content-Disposition HTTP header to tell the API what the name of the file that is being uploaded is. The body of the request is the uploaded binary file data.


POST api/createstack

Create a new project and stack for a specified user

POST api/createserviceaccount

Create a new service account for the windows service

POST api/deleteserviceaccount

Delete a service account for the windows service

POST api/createpipelineserviceanddatafolders

Create Client ETLM Pipeline Service and Data Folders

POST api/createpipelineservice

Create Client ETLM Pipeline Service

POST api/removepipelineservice

Remove the ETLM Pipeline Service

POST api/createproject

Create a new project

POST api/createdatafolders

Create data folders

POST api/removedatafolders

Remove data folders

POST api/customercodeandinstance?solutionId={solutionId}

Get Customer Code and Instance Name from SolutionId

POST api/restartmetaservice

Restart the ETLM Meta Service

POST api/processbaselinesforsolution

Process the baselines for a solution


POST api/recommendations/cloudinstances

Gets a list of cloud instance recommendations for a given provider


DataMartController API Endpoint

POST Api/DataMart/EntityPerformance

Post Entity Performance Data

POST Api/DataMart/EntityRelation

Post Entity Relation Data

POST Api/DataMart/PropertiesEntity

Post Properties Entity Data

POST Api/DataMart/Metrics

Post Metrics Data for a Single Entity

POST Api/DataMart/MetricTimeseries

Post Timeseries Data for a Single Metric

POST Api/DataMart/EntityProperties

Post Properties Data for a Single Entity

POST Api/DataMart/MetricCapacities

Post Properties Data for a Single Entity

POST Api/DataMart/GetEntities

Post - Get entities

POST Api/DataMart/StartProcessing

Post the ProjectId to attempt to start processing