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API Documentation

The Sumerian Capacity Planner WebAPI provides a way to integrate operational events generated by Capacity Planner into your own dashboards and ticketing systems. The API Documentation section provides the details required to build an integration to Capacity Planner. Examples are also provided to ensure that the integration process can be accomplished with the minimum effort. The Sumerian WebAPI utilises industry standard protocols and provides a secure way to access your operational events.

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API Examples

To help with your integration project, Sumerian has built a series of example applications which exercise the key API calls required, such as Authentication and Events retrieval. Examples have been provided in C#, Ruby and clientside Javascript. Additional examples are added as required by Sumerian, but if you would like to see an example in a language not listed, please contact us.

While the examples provided are functional, they should only be used as a way of testing or exploring the Sumerian WebAPI. Sumerian do not recommend using these examples in a production environment.

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Still Need Help?

If you need further guidance with the most appropriate use of the Sumerian WebAPI, please contact us through your normal support channels.